Communication and Compliance go hand in hand, if you don’t know the rules and regulations then you are opening yourself, and your company up for a possible costly disappointments if these rules and regulations are not implemented and discussed with every employee to ensure their understanding of these rules.

The transportation industry is tightly monitored by FMCSA and your state and local law enforcement jurisdictions in the form of compliance reviews and CVSA roadside inspections where the driver or vehicle could be placed out of service if certain violations are discovered. These violations are then transmitted to the Compliance, Safety and Accountability program where you, as a carrier, are rated.

Below is a small example of topics that Motor Carrier Safety Analysis can train you and your current staff. If requested, other training topics can also be developed to fit your specific needs.

Size and Weight Regulations in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes 20-118.

Load Securement requirements in accordance with 49CFR and North Carolina General Statutes.

Hours of Service Training

Reasonable Suspicious Training for Supervisors (Drug and Alcohol)

Drug and Alcohol Training for employees.

Drivers Pre and Post Trip Inspections

The Standardized CVSA Roadside Level 1 Inspection Process

And Much More:

If you would like to request training, simply make the request at and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.