CSA Analysis

Motor carriers safety rating are created and measured by the seven (7) Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASIC’s). These BASIC’s contain data that is collected from accident reports, compliance reviews but mostly consist of data obtained from roadside inspections reports.

The data is collected by FMCSA and is then placed in their Safety Measurement System (SMS) that is also known as Compliance. Safety. Accountability. or CSA for short. CSA is a program that was developed by FMCSA that is their safety compliance and enforcement program.

We all know that any data entered into a data base is only as good as the person entering it therefore the data is subject to be erroneous. This erroneous data could cost you a higher safety rating than deserved.

Motor Carrier Safety Analysis wants your company to have the most accurate rating possible and can conduct an analysis of this data at your request.

Think there may be some incorrect data? Contact Motor Carrier Safety Analysis and let’s discuss it.

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