Motor Carrier Safety Analysis

Motor Carrier Safety Analysis understands that not all regulations apply to every driver or every vehicle in the same way while in commerce. There are exceptions that apply to the rules on certain occasions however the regulations can be more stringent on other occasions.

The regulations, whether state or federal vary, depending on type of highway transportation, the commodity being transported, how far the driver travels, the size and length and weight of the single or combination unit, for hire or not for hire, and the lists goes on.

With that being said, each vehicle is like a fingerprint, they are unique in their own specific way and therefore the enforcement of the rules and regulations are just as unique.

The compliance, safety and accountability program also known as “CSA” collects all the data from roadside inspections that were conducted on the driver’s you employee, and the vehicles you own, utilizing a specific methodology to create a safety profile in the Safety Measurement System for your company in seven (7) basic categories which are: