Motor Carrier Responsibilities

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the trucking industry throughout the United States and for those that enter or borders under the North American Free Trade Agreement. While these regulations are strongly enforced, the ultimate goal of these mandated requirements are to ensure the safety of those whom travel on our nation’s highways that are shared my many, in both commercial motor vehicles and passenger vehicles alike.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (49CFR) contain better than 600 pages of regulations and interpretations that regulate those involved in for-hire or private highway transportation to deliver products so we the consumer can purchase them.

The Motor Carrier, those involved in the transportation of goods have the responsibility of ensuring that their company is adhering to these regulations. The FMCSR’s can change at any time which becomes the duty of the carrier comply. It’s important to know each part of the FMCSR’s, the Interpretations in each, what rules apply to your company and exceptions to the rules.