Before the Trip

In accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations located in 49CFR, there are several parts that apply to both the motor carrier, the commercial motor vehicle operator and to every employee that is employed by the motor carrier in regards to each having the required knowledge of and compliance with the regulations.

For example, as a prior CVSA certified inspector, I have found that the requirements of the drivers of commercial motor vehicles have a crucial obligation to ensure he or she understands the regulations particularly in the area of properly conducting a pre-trip and post-trip inspection before the trip begins and upon return at the end of his/her shift.

One of the most common violations discovered during a roadside inspection is that of the lighting requirements found in 49CFR 393.11 specifying those required lighting. However, there are times when lights can go out during a trip but there are intervention techniques that a carrier can implement to help reduce the probability of being cited in this case.

In addition, there are well over 100 “Out of Service” violations that could be cited on the inspection report and fines also assessed to your company, not to mention the cost of having a service truck to come out to make the repair or having to send another relief driver to finish the trip thus costing you time and money.

Motor Carrier Safety Analysis can assist you in implementing various training programs and intervention methods to ensure all employees are knowledgeable of their mandated responsibilities before the trip begins.